Jesse J. Jones' Animation Course - Animation for Everyone!

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your drawings move and talk? 🏃

Do you want to tell your own stories through the magic of animation? ✨

By the end of this course, you will be able to animate your character moving, talking, and showing emotion... even if you can't draw! ✏️✏️✏️✏️

The objective of this course is to get you animating as quick as possible! No single class is longer than 30 minutes, and each lesson gets straight to the point with no anecdotes or tangents!

Here are the topics you will learn:

  • 01 - Your First Animation
  • 02 - Animate a Blink
  • 03 - 3D Head Rotation
  • 04 - Animate a "Take"
  • 05 - Expression Change and Easing
  • 06 - Lipsync Audio
  • 07 - Acting Thumbnails
  • 08 - Keyframing
  • 09 - InBetweening and Timing Charts
  • 10 - Clean Up Animation
  • 11 - Coloring Your Animation
  • 12 - Effects and Shading Animation

Also, probably the most valuable, is you will get personal access to ME to give you feedback... answer questions... or just to chat about animation! Just reply to the e-mail, or join the Discord, after you purchase this course and I will answer any questions you have! =)

NOTE: This course is software-independent!! You can use any software you like with it! The examples are made in Krita, but can be followed along with whatever program you feel comfortable with!

Thank you for all your support, good luck, and have fun!!

- Jesse ♥

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A collection of videos, and source animation files to follow along with!

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Jesse J. Jones' Animation Course - Animation for Everyone!

8 ratings
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